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About Word Counter

Whether you're a longtime author or simply another net rambler, we tend to square measure currently all living within the era of word counts.

From social media character limits, too drawn-out document needs in company settings, if you have been writing words, then you have been operative with text counts, whether or not you're responsive to it or not.

  • Twitter accustomed limit United States to 140 characters, however later pushed it to 280.
  • Facebook would not allow you to post something that's longer than 63,206 characters or maybe allow you to comment using exploitation quite 8,000 characters.
  • How concerning Instagram’s 30 hashtags limit? The restricted a 2,200 characters they permit in your Instagram captions can even get truncated once simply a 125.
  • We even hear that for your diary post to interrupt into a primary page ranking on Google, it's going to need to keep north of 1800 words.

See? the time of count words and character limits is really upon us!

You need to forever remain purpose, guaranteeing your content stays inside the boundaries of those relevant platforms… in order that you do not unknowingly find yourself having to scale back or increase your count words back and forth simply to satisfy some needs.

For that to happen, you wish a text counter tool.

But employing a word calculator will quite serving to you count social media post characters.